Visit the King Neptune Statue at Shelter Cove Harbour

The towering 12-foot bronze statue of Neptune, which doubles as a larger-than-life sundial, serves as an iconic symbol of Shelter Cove Harbour at Palmetto Dunes, welcoming visitors to the entrance of the popular waterfront dining and shopping location.

Designed and installed by sculptor Wayne Edwards, this much-loved statue serves as a tribute to Neptune, the Roman god of the sea. The King Neptune statue, which depicts a bearded Neptune holding his signature trident, serves as a popular centerpiece at Shelter Cove Harbour. The statue is strategically mounted on a circular base with numbers around the edge.

When the trident’s shadow falls across the 26-foot-wide base, the numbers indicate the precise time. Hailed as the world’s largest figurative sundial, the statue was originally cast at a foundry in Princeton, New Jersey, and shipped by truck to Hilton Head Island in 1983. Engineers made meticulous measurements before the one-ton statue was installed, ensuring that it would be located at the ideal angle to indicate the time.

They oriented the sculpture towards true south by aligning the constellation Ursa Major with the North Star.

An official dedication for the statue was held at Shelter Cove Harbour on August 11, 1983, attracting residents and visitors alike. Today, the King Neptune statue delights generations of visitors to Shelter Cove Harbour, impressing adults and children of all ages. Stop by to see King Neptune in person and to experience a true Hilton Head Island icon.