Hilton Head and the lagoons of the lowcountry are brimming with alligators. Many get to be 10-12 feet long. Crocodiles don’t normally venture this far north.

Hilton Head is a barrier island and has a low elevation, only a few feet above sea level.

Yes. The sand dunes are environmentally protected as they are home to loggerhead turtle nests.

They normally open in March and close in October, depending on the weather. Check out our activities page to see all that Hilton Head has to offer on or off the water.

Approximately 2.5 million.

The color is more of  a greenish blue.

There are basically four naturally occurring components of a salt marsh: The tidal water, the pluff mud, the cordgrass and oysters. Each of these plays a crucial role and each is reliant on the stability of the others for the salt marsh environment to succeed. The tides push the salty waters into the far reaches of the salt marsh and then suck the water out. This constant filling and flushing of the marshes allows for the dynamic exchange of nutrients to and from the ocean. The salinity of the water in the marsh is nearly the same as the ocean. The cordgrass helps keep the pluff mud in place, the mud accumulates and supports the root system of the grasses and from it emerges the vast oyster beds.

Savannah is 45 Minutes, Charleston is 90 minutes, and Beaufort is 30 minutes.

Our favorite is anyplace with an ocean view. As for a Hotel or Resort, that would include The Westin, The Marriott or Palmetto Dunes Resort. For a week or more, we suggest considering renting a home or villa. Check out our Vacation Rental Companies page that can help with all you vacation accommodation needs.

The entire 12 miles of beach on Hilton Head is the BEST! The most popular is the beach at Coligny. Probably because of the proximity of shopping, restaurants and beach bars. Other beach access points on the Island are great with great parking.

There are so many casual dining places on Hilton Head. Fishcamp and Old Oyster Factory are certainly some of the best. But all restaurants in this resort are pretty casual. Check out our dining page for more options.

Shelter Cove Harbor

I am not sure you can pick just one, but all of the ones listed on our vacation rentals page are reputable and have great customer service.

From a temperature and cost standpoint, both are lower in the fall and spring.

If it is the beach you want to enjoy, April through October has the warmest ocean temps. Otherwise, each season has its advantages.

Visit our Accommodations Coupon page.

All of the major grocery stores have them in the lobby, as well as hundreds of other locations. You can also access Island Events online, anytime!

There are many excellent bike rental companies on Hilton Head, but the best are found on our Bike Rental page and offer discounts on our activities coupon page.

He performs at Shelter Cove amphitheater.

The most popular outfits are white tops and khaki shorts or pants.

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