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Island Events and The Official Guide To Hilton Head Island are available FREE at more than 400 locations in the Hilton Head Island and off Island area. Each guide provides a comprehensive view of what Hilton Head Island has to offer in the way of Shopping, Dining, Activities and Calendar of Events. If you would like to preview the guides before your arrival, you can view them online by clicking on the images above.

NOTE: To receive a copy of Island Events and The Official Guide To Hilton Head Island, please send $5.00 for postage and handling along with your name and address to: Island Events, c/o Island Communications, P.O. Box 5511, Hilton Head Island, SC 29938.

Island Information Centers are located in high-traffic areas throughout the Island and Lowcountry. Island Information Centers are your source for visitors information from many different companies here on Hilton Head Island.

Make the Island Information Centers your first stop when arriving in town or use our online version now to find everything you may need for your trip to Hilton Head Island! You will be so glad you did!

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Battling Big Bull Reds

Better weather, thinner crowds and bull redfish swarming inshore waters are all reasons to celebrate the arrival of fall in the Lowcountry. The 20- to 50-pound bulls are here or offshore all year but, during this season, they come close in big numbers with catches of 20 or more fish in a trip not at… Read More…

Island Philanthropy

For generations, Hilton Head has been a classic family vacation spot. The beaches, marshes, activities, restaurants and events make our Island a great place to visit and an even better place to live. One of the additional benefits of being an Islander is the culture of philanthropy woven into local life. A large percentage of… Read More…

Golf SOARS with the Lowcountry Special Olympics Golf Team.

Golf is a game that provides the opportunity to be your best. I am blessed to have coached the Lowcountry Special Olympics Golf Team for seven years. I enjoyed the timid 7th graders who came to our first classes and now seeing those same young adults confidently working in local stores. During our seven years… Read More…

The “Big Dogs” of Summer

The dog days of summer are here and August is a great month to catch what I call the “Big Dogs.” This trio of tackle-busters, all available near or inshore, offers anglers big game thrills. Two of these fish, the tarpon and the blacktip shark, often weigh over 100 pounds and put on awesome aerial… Read More…

Yellow-Bellied Pond Sliders

One of the most popular creatures to discover on the H2O Alligator and Wildlife Tour in the Sea Pines Forest Preserve is the Yellow-Bellied Pond Slider Turtle. These iconic Southern reptiles are known for their unmistakable, bright-yellow undersides and are a beautiful reminder of how vibrant and colorful our local wildlife can be. Yellow-Bellied Pond… Read More…