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Fishing for Flounder

A master of camouflage and ambush, the flounder is one of the oddest-looking fish that swims our local waters. Flat with both eyes on one side of its body, it has the capability of altering its coloration to match the bottom of the ocean floor where it lies in wait for its prey. Jaws full… Read More…

Saving the Planet One Oyster at a Time

Oysters are wicked cool. If looked at in a superficial manner, one might think, “What’s the big deal?” They are immobile, lackluster in color and seem to only inspire emotion when debating as to whether they are an epicurean delicacy or a disgustingly slimy mouthful. You have to dig a little deeper to discover the… Read More…

Reeling In Big Reds

Bull reds are plentiful in Lowcountry waters in October. Twenty-five feet below the surface, a marauding school of bull reds swept the sandy bottom in search of prey. Honing in on the smell of fresh-cut mullet, a large bull inhaled the chunk and, upon feeling the bite of the 8/0 circle hook, put his broad… Read More…