Pickleball vs. Tennis: Debunking the Pickleball Myth

By Mark Anders, Head Pickleball Pro at Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort

For years, active tennis players have viewed pickleball as unworthy. The most common objection heard from this group is that pickleball will ruin their venerable tennis game.

Let’s debunk this myth by focusing on three pickleball skill sets that will, in fact, enhance your tennis game. This is particularly true for recreational players, but is also accurate for active tennis players at all levels:

1. Watching the ball to the point of contact. Most tennis players are poor ball-watchers because the velocity and flight of the ball are predictable, allowing laziness to creep into their game. Because of the whiffleball nature of a pickleball, watching the ball closely until the point of contact is essential, especially when the game is played outdoors.

2. Improving reflexes in volleying situations. There are two elements to becoming a better volleyer: intense focus on the flight of the ball and practice. Pickleball helps with both. 

3. Transitioning from the back of the court to the front of the court. Unlike doubles tennis, doubles pickleball is played from the front of the court, and by both players. In both sports, more points are won from the front of the court, so learning to transition is a critical skill.

My tennis-playing friends are encouraged to come out and give pickleball a try. You will find it to be a complementary sport that will enhance your tennis game. And, if that’s not enough, you will without a doubt have fun and meet some nice people.

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