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Discover Virginia Wines

By Georgene Mortimer, Island Winery The central part of the state hits the “sweet spot” for viniculture. If your fall road trip to or from the Lowcountry takes you through Virginia, it’s worth a detour to spend some time in central Virginia. In addition to historic early American sites, Civil War battlefields and bucolic farmland,… Read More…

Better Together: Delicious Cocktails with Local Ingredients

Did you know that Hilton Head Island is home to a brewery, a distillery and a winery? Tucked behind the airport on the north end of the Island, Cardinal Road is the location of these three craft beverage makers, all of which are located within walking distance of one another. A trip to Cardinal Road… Read More…

Liquid Refreshment at Your Next Celebration

By Georgene Mortimer, Island Winery Create the perfect drink station to celebrate joyous occasions. June is the month for hosting joyous celebrations: graduations, showers, weddings and summer vacation! With such wonderful occasions to celebrate, you want to make sure that you provide for all of your guests’ needs without stressing yourself out. Good planning keeps… Read More…

Spanish White Wine

By Georgene Mortimer, Island Winery Stuck in a white wine rut? Let’s go to Spain to solve the problem. Interestingly, Spain has more land devoted to vineyards than any other European country. Indeed, most of this land is used to grow red grapes for world-famous red wines, but white wines are still Spain’s best-kept secret…. Read More…

Shrimp & Grits & Wine

Pairing the perfect wine with this traditionally Southern dish is surprisingly easy. By Georgene Mortimer, Island Winery It took thousands of years for the Lowcountry’s distinctive cuisine to evolve out of ancient Native American and West African food ways. Shrimp and Grits is a great example of that culinary crossroads. Grits are coarsely ground corn boiled… Read More…