Celebrate Earth Day

The 47th Earth Day Celebration takes place on April 22, 2017. With events taking place in over 198 countries, Earth Day is the largest environmental protection support day. Here in the Lowcountry, Earth Day is usually a perfect Spring day! Take the opportunity to get outside and give back to the earth that has given us so much.

Here are some great ways to celebrate Earth Day:


Start Recycling

If you don’t already recycle, Earth Day is a great time to start this healthy habit. First, take stock of how much trash you produce and what you can recycle. Once you have an idea of how much recyclables you produce, purchase or designate containers to collect recycling in the most convenient place in your home (the kitchen for most folks). Research where you can take your recycling, or if you can have it collected, and what type of things can be recycled. Based on local recycling guidelines, designate a container for each type of recyclable (e.g., glass, aluminum, paper). Proper sorting ensures everything can be recycled and the process is as efficient as possible. While you’re at it, encourage your co-workers to participate in a recycling program, Check out recyclingatwork.org for a 10-Step Plan to getting your workplace to recycle.

Pick Up Trash

Every piece of trash you collect helps beautify our community. Commit some time this Earth Day to collecting trash on a local beach, in the marsh, at a park or in the woods near your house. Think about trash collection as a fun outdoor activity and include your friends and family. A cleanup of Bluffton’s May River is planned for this year’s Earth Day event, contact Marshgrass Adventures at (843) 684-3296 for details on how you can help collect trash on a kayak.

Learn and Have Fun

An Earth Day Celebration is scheduled this year on April 22, 2017 in Shelter Cove Community Park. This family and pet-friendly event offers hands-on learning opportunities presented by local organizations that work to protect our ecosystem. With food and lots to do at a beautiful location, this event is one not to miss! For a complete schedule of events, visit experiencegreen.org.

Plant a Tree

It’s always a great idea to plant trees, as they provide the oxygen necessary for us to survive. Locally, we lost a lot of trees during Hurricane Matthew last October. In order to preserve our Island for future generations, we will have to replant trees. Or, you can plant wild flowers which are key to sustaining bees and other insects.

However you choose to celebrate this Earth Day, get outside and enjoy our incredible planet!


Written by Jessie Renew of Outside Hilton Head, which has provided personalized adventures for all ages, from kayak, fishing, nature and dolphin tours to kids’ camps, history excursions, family outings and stand-up paddle boarding. For more information, call (843) 686-6996 or go to outsidehiltonhead.com.