Baby Birds Galore in the Forest Preserve

Osprey on Nest

One of the many blessings the Sea Pines Forest Preserve offers is a protected natural habitat for wildlife to grow, mature, and reproduce as they did before the development of Hilton Head Island.

The Sea Pines Forest Preserve is a sanctuary for many species, but most evident during this time of year are the many varieties of nesting birds. During the month of July, patrons who participate in the H20 Alligator and Wildlife Tour will enjoy the awesome experience of observing hatchling nests of Night Herons, Great Blue Herons, Ospreys and many more species currently rearing their young!

The Sea Pines Forest Preserve currently hosts numerous coastal bird species that are in the child- rearing stage, and the H20 Alligator and Nature Tour guides are great at pointing these out and explaining in detail the wonderful phenomenon. We have watched baby Ospreys grow and fledge the nest for decades. The Sea Pines Forest Preserve has a resident family of Osprey who have become exceptional parents over the years, and successfully reared many babies. Many times during our one-hour tour we see and hear the young Osprey call relentlessly to their parents for food and watch the parents tirelessly care for their young throughout the day.

Great Blue Heron

Night Heron

Night Herons are also beginning to hatch, and it is amazing to watch Night Heron families interact with each other. There are typically around three young per nest, though we have seen more.

Finally, The Sea Pines Forest Preserve is host to two Great Blue Heron nests. Patrons are sure to observe the young hatchlings on our tour during the month of July. These majestic, large birds are a highlight of the tour, and a true blessing to see.

The tender moments between parents and their young within our bird families offer great photo opportunities for a unique memory of Hilton Head Island, as well as wonderful learning opportunities for families with children. We hope you will join us during your summer vacation and let the friendly guides of the H20 Alligator and Nature Tours enhance your vacation experience!

By Anthony R. Savarese, Reel Carolina

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