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Airborne Acrobats: Silver King and Blacktip Sharks

We had just put a fresh menhaden on the hook and tossed it out when the water exploded. Ten feet in the air shaking his bucket mouth, the silver king then reentered the water and went into overdrive. The line screamed off the reel and, then, it was over. This scenario is replayed over and… Read More…

Shelter Cove Fireworks Light Up the Sky

Celebrate this summer with a bang! Every Tuesday night through mid-August, the sky over Hilton Head lights up with the Shelter Cove HarbourFest fireworks show. Head out on the water for the best seats in the house on one of several cruises and boat rentals—each one offers something a little different. It’s a great way… Read More…

Battle In The Deep Blue: Catching A Mahi-Mahi

The calm sea exploded around the skipping ballyhoo, the rod bucked wildly and the fish took to the air. There was no doubt we were hooked up to the most beautiful fish inhabiting the deep blue waters of the Gulf Stream: the dolphin (fish), more commonly known as mahi-mahi. Young Robert Lyon, the third generation… Read More…

Kayaking Hilton Head

The marshes surrounding Hilton Head are a lush wilderness, ideal for exploring by kayak. For thousands of years, small boats have been used to connect these coastal islands for the purposes of trade, family and culture. The modern kayak continues the longstanding Lowcountry tradition of the personal watercraft. If you do one thing while visiting… Read More…

Big Game, Small Boats Angling for Cobia

The heart of Cobia season is upon us. Local anglers, rejoice! Cobia offer big-game angling for the smallest of boats. Currently the state record is at 92 pounds, 10 ounces, a whopper fish for sure, but I have seen several over 100 pounds. A little 65-pound Cobia swam right up to the boat last year, and… Read More…