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Gulf Stream Magic

Cobalt blue offshore waters offer exceptional fishing opportunities. From the very first time I gazed on the deep blue water of the Gulf Stream, I was in total awe. The richness and clarity of the cobalt blue was amazing, compared to the green and often muddy estuarine waters surrounding Hilton Head Island. This marine environment… Read More…

Sheepshead: The Fish With Human Teeth

The aquatic ecosystem of Hilton Head Island and the Lowcountry is home to a wide variety of animals working in harmony to create the beautiful natural places we enjoy. By Jessie Renew, Outside Hilton Head Among these is the abundant fishery comprised of hundreds of species of animals, all of whom are woven into the… Read More…

Red Drum Resurgence

Bull Reds make a strong run in local waters this month. By Capt. Miles Altman, Bayrunner Fishing Charters Twenty-five feet below the surface, a marauding school of bull reds swept the sandy bottom in search of prey. Honing in on the smell of fresh-cut mullet, a large bull inhaled the chunk and, upon feeling the bite… Read More…

Get Outside for Your Mind!

 Enjoying the outdoors reduces stress, increases self-esteem and boosts creativity. By Jessie Renew, Outside Hilton Head Over the course of my career as a kayak guide and instructor, I have taken tens of thousands of people out on the water. Some are outdoor enthusiasts comfortable with the environment, while many others are enjoying an outdoor… Read More…

Cobia Season

Great news for local anglers, as federal waters have reopened for the cobia season this year! By Capt. Miles Altman, Bayrunner Fishing Charters Cobia catch limits for individuals and per boat have been lowered, but they are still more than ample for a big fish like these battlers. The size has been raised from 33 inches… Read More…