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A Spanish Mackerel Adventure

Article and photo by Miles Altman, Bayrunner Fishing Charters Casting a line for these roaming marauders offers unforgettable summer excitement. “I’ll be on Hilton Head next week and would like to charter you to do a little fishing,” Doyle Evans said in his thick Oklahoma drawl. Doyle and I had become friends years before, but… Read More…

The Power of the Tides

By Mike Overton, Outside Hilton Head In May of 1979, I was a fledgling college student with an idea of opening a windsurfing school. On a whim, a truck loaded six windsurfers and equal parts of excitement and anxiety into my car as we ventured into unknown territory. I had never traveled south of Washington,… Read More…

The Battle of a lifetime

An adventure off the coast of Hilton Head Island offers anglers the ultimate fish story. We were having fun at the nearshore reef, catching bluefish, summer trout and blackfish on light tackle when, all of a sudden, the small Fin Nor spinning reel– started screaming as line rapidly disappeared off the spool. It didn’t take… Read More…

Fourth on the Water

By Jessie Renew, Outside Hilton Head One of the most exciting days of the Hilton Head calendar is July 4th. Not only is it the best party of the year, it is also the pinnacle of our summer season—a reminder that there are only four more months of fun in the sun left before the sleepy,… Read More…

Water: Earth’s Best Substance

By Jessie Renew, Outside Hilton Head Living in a coastal town like Hilton Head Island offers the opportunity to access the beach and the ocean on a regular basis. The interaction with this vast scenery contributes to the generally improved health of people who live on the coast. Water, from its macro form in shaping… Read More…