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Keep the Broad Creek Clean Festival

Like most local residents, I am grateful to live in a place with an abundance of natural beauty and a thriving ecosystem. We are lucky to have the marshes, woods, beaches and creeks woven through our landscapes and our daily lives. For me, the most significant of these places are the waterways, whose unique smell… Read More…

Pickleball Programs Are Popping Up!

Like all summers, this one is passing by quickly. Every morning, we have had great activity on the resort’s eight dedicated pickleball courts. It is both fun and rewarding to see so many people we have introduced to pickleball returning during their annual family pilgrimage. Two years ago, when we started our pickleball program, it… Read More…

Summer Below the Surface: Marine Animals in Our Summer Waters

As July sets in, the Lowcountry enters into the dog days of summer. There is no denying it’s hot! The best way to beat the heat is get out on the water—swimming, kayaking or boating. But the heat doesn’t only affect the air temperature, it also affects the water temperature. Coastal water temperatures can reach… Read More…

Pickleball at Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort.

Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort has the only dedicated Pickleball courts on the Island available for rental. Why is this significant? Pickleball is an excellent family sport, but it requires a space to play and a place to rent equipment, and both are available at Palmetto Dunes. Pickleball is easy to learn and one of the… Read More…

Shelter Cove Fireworks Light Up the Sky

Celebrate this summer with a bang! Every Tuesday night through mid-August, the sky over Hilton Head lights up with the Shelter Cove HarbourFest fireworks show. Head out on the water for the best seats in the house on one of several cruises and boat rentals—each one offers something a little different. It’s a great way… Read More…