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Staying Cool on the Course

Staying cool is vital to a successful golf outing. Golf on Hilton Head Island is fun because of the game—it is social and it is outdoors. However, the outdoor part can mean hot temperatures and ruin your game, as well as your fun. Here are 18 tips to help you keep your cool during 18… Read More…

Paddling with Paws: Kayaking with your Pup on HHI

May brings perfect temperatures to the Lowcountry and everyone is looking for ways to enjoy the outdoors with their friends and loved ones. This spring, be sure to include your furry, four-legged friends in your outdoor recreation. Kayaking and paddle boarding with dogs can be great fun for humans and canines alike! From my experience,… Read More…

The Beat of the Red Drum: Sport Fishing in the Lowcountry

Twenty-five feet below the surface, a marauding school of bull reds swept the sandy bottom out away from Hilton Head’s beautiful beaches in search of prey. Honing in on the smell of fresh-cut mullet, a large bull inhaled the chunk, and upon feeling the bite of the 8/0 circle hook, put its broad shoulders and… Read More…

Paddle Pinckney Island

By Jessie Renew, Outside Hilton Head While the weather is a little unpredictable in early spring, it is the best time of year to go kayaking in the Lowcountry. After years of kayaking around here, I’ve developed a few favorite paddles, several of which are in the Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge. Each of these… Read More…

Class and a Glass: What to Wear to the Grand Tasting

Every spring, the Hilton Head Wine & Food Festival brings a weeklong celebration to the Island with an array of events to choose from—classes, cinema, tastings, dinners and more. The most prestigious of these? The Grand Tasting on March 11 in the Harbour Town Golf Links Clubhouse. This isn’t just any festival event; it’s the… Read More…