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Family friendly hotels on Hilton Head

Those who have kids know that keeping your children entertained on vacation can be hard. With all the plantation-style resorts on Hilton Head, this can be a bit of a challenge depending on where you’ve booked your vacation rental or room. Many resorts welcome children, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are kid friendly. We’ve… Read More…

How to treat a stingray and jellyfish sting

With beautiful tropical waters and sandy shores, the perfect beach day isn’t hard to come by on Hilton Head. Unfortunately, jellyfish and stingrays are also easy to come by. As the weather grows warmer, more and more of these tropical creatures make their way into our waters, causing sting rates to skyrocket, especially in July… Read More…

Five fantastic family fun activities for your vacation

Families have been coming to Hilton Head Island for decades for a relaxing vacation with great food, entertainment and family friendly activities. But if you haven’t been coming to Hilton Head for your annual vacation, it can be rather difficult to figure out not only where things are located, but also if they are family… Read More…