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Have a Green Holiday Season

There is no better time for locals on Hilton Head Island than the holidays. For the few weeks before Christmas, the community shares a closeness and warm spirit. It’s the best time of the year to go out and see holiday lights, enjoy holiday music, give back and shop! Unfortunately, this special time of year… Read More…

Oyster Shell Recycling

At first glance, oysters may not appear to be the most exciting wildlife you can see in the Lowcountry. They don’t move, swim or bite. Their sharp shells make them difficult to get close to or to handle. However, these unassuming creatures are absolutely vital to the health and prosperity of the saltmarsh ecosystem. Oysters… Read More…

Fall Pickleball Fun!

We look forward to fall every year and to the return of couples and couples’ groups to the Island to play pickleball. In September and October, Palmetto Dunes experienced a tremendous increase in participation in both pickleball clinics and round robins. All eight dedicated courts were jammed in the morning hours with pickleball players, many… Read More…

Tidal Waters

First-time visitors to Hilton Head get quite a surprise when they encounter our nearshore waterways. Unlike most coastal areas, there is no crisp divide between land and water on Hilton Head Island. Instead, our creeks and rivers are flanked by miles of tidal salt marsh. In fact, the states of Georgia and South Carolina are… Read More…

Island Philanthropy

For generations, Hilton Head has been a classic family vacation spot. The beaches, marshes, activities, restaurants and events make our Island a great place to visit and an even better place to live. One of the additional benefits of being an Islander is the culture of philanthropy woven into local life. A large percentage of… Read More…