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Tidal Waters

First-time visitors to Hilton Head get quite a surprise when they encounter our nearshore waterways. Unlike most coastal areas, there is no crisp divide between land and water on Hilton Head Island. Instead, our creeks and rivers are flanked by miles of tidal salt marsh. In fact, the states of Georgia and South Carolina are… Read More…

Island Philanthropy

For generations, Hilton Head has been a classic family vacation spot. The beaches, marshes, activities, restaurants and events make our Island a great place to visit and an even better place to live. One of the additional benefits of being an Islander is the culture of philanthropy woven into local life. A large percentage of… Read More…

Keep the Broad Creek Clean Festival

Like most local residents, I am grateful to live in a place with an abundance of natural beauty and a thriving ecosystem. We are lucky to have the marshes, woods, beaches and creeks woven through our landscapes and our daily lives. For me, the most significant of these places are the waterways, whose unique smell… Read More…

Pickleball Programs Are Popping Up!

Like all summers, this one is passing by quickly. Every morning, we have had great activity on the resort’s eight dedicated pickleball courts. It is both fun and rewarding to see so many people we have introduced to pickleball returning during their annual family pilgrimage. Two years ago, when we started our pickleball program, it… Read More…

A Day on Daufuskie Island

Daufuskie Island is one of the last truly unique places in America. While I will try my best to describe it here, it’s impossible to do it justice. No matter how much you hear about this island just a short boat ride away from Hilton Head Island’s sandy shores, you will be surprised when you… Read More…