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Kayaking Hilton Head

The marshes surrounding Hilton Head are a lush wilderness, ideal for exploring by kayak. For thousands of years, small boats have been used to connect these coastal islands for the purposes of trade, family and culture. The modern kayak continues the longstanding Lowcountry tradition of the personal watercraft. If you do one thing while visiting… Read More…

Pickleball: Fun for the Whole Family.

We are fast approaching that time of the year when families make their summer pilgrimage to Hilton Head to enjoy our fabulous beaches, great restaurants and island full of fun outdoor activities for the whole family. No matter your preference or your budget, Hilton Head has something for everyone—and Pickleball is one activity in which… Read More…

On The Water: Experiencing the Lowcountry by Kayak

In my opinion, kayaking is the best way to experience the Lowcountry’s rich and diverse natural wonders. It’s also a great way to get some exercise, relax, have fun and spend time with friends and family. If you are new to kayaking, don’t be intimidated! This water sport is great for just about everyone. If… Read More…

Pickleball Revolution on Hilton Head Island

Most people have only heard of pickleball over the last three to four years, but now it is more likely than not they know somebody actively playing pickleball who is encouraging everyone they know to give it a try. Why has pickleball become so popular? The answer is simple: it is easy to learn and… Read More…

Pickleball Mania on Hilton Head Island

Pickleball has been a favorite outdoor activity for years in resort communities in California, Arizona and Florida. Snowbirds and others who first learned of and started playing the game in these locales quickly became enthralled with this new sport that was aerobic, easy to learn and fun to play. It was these people who upon… Read More…