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Improve Yourself, Help Your Health & Play Golf

By Doug Weaver Playing golf isn’t just an enjoyable outdoor pastime, but a game that has proved to benefit players’ health. The International Council on Active Aging compared the mortality rate of Swedish Golf Federation members with the nationwide mortality rate. The study showed that golfers had a mortality rate 40 percent lower than non­golfers… Read More…

Offshore Fishing on Hilton Head Island

By Miles Altman Some 40 miles off the coast in 90 feet of water, a network of coral, rocky ledges and outcrops holds some of the best fishing available. Huge American red snapper, grouper, amberjack, triggerfish and a myriad of other smaller snapper and grunts await the fisherman with the ability and means to make the… Read More…

Knobbed Whelks: One of HHI’s Most Coveted Shells

By Kathleen McMenamin, Master Naturalist At times, finding shells on the beaches of Hilton Head can be a bit difficult. One of the most coveted shells to find is that of a whelk. They are the beautiful conical shaped shells that we hold to our ears to hear the ocean. While there are four varietal… Read More…

Bluffton Bound: Discovering Hilton Head’s Neighbor

By Jessie Renew, Outside Hilton Head Hilton Head Island experienced a major growth cycle in the 1970s as subdivisions, golf courses and shopping centers were established. Clever marketing tactics attracted visitors from all over the country to our previously sleepy shores. But across the bridge in Bluffton, it was a different story. Residents intent on… Read More…