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Fall Fishing

One of my favorite books—”My Health is Better in November” by Havilah Babcock, poet laureate of South Carolina—always comes to mind this time of year. Havilah’s love for the wonderful abundance of fall fishing and hunting opportunities here in the Lowcountry is reflected in many of his books. On Hilton Head Island and in the… Read More…

A Taste of Italy: Discover the Secrets of Paining Italian Food and Wine

On November 18, Hilton Head Island celebrates the flavors of Italy at Meatball Madness, where local restaurants compete to perfect the tastiest meatballs on Hilton Head Island. This year’s festival will literally break records as the Italian American Club attempts to cook the world’s largest meatball! All proceeds will raise money to combat local hunger…. Read More…

Oyster Shell Recycling

At first glance, oysters may not appear to be the most exciting wildlife you can see in the Lowcountry. They don’t move, swim or bite. Their sharp shells make them difficult to get close to or to handle. However, these unassuming creatures are absolutely vital to the health and prosperity of the saltmarsh ecosystem. Oysters… Read More…

Fall Pickleball Fun!

We look forward to fall every year and to the return of couples and couples’ groups to the Island to play pickleball. In September and October, Palmetto Dunes experienced a tremendous increase in participation in both pickleball clinics and round robins. All eight dedicated courts were jammed in the morning hours with pickleball players, many… Read More…

The Strike of the Speckled Seatrout

Armed with a set of fangs that would make any snake or vampire jealous, a voracious appetite and an explosive strike, the speckled seatrout ranks in the top three inshore game fish, along with flounder and red drum. Often attacking prey their own size, the strike of the seatrout is hard to beat. One nice… Read More…