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Pickleball Revolution on Hilton Head Island

Most people have only heard of pickleball over the last three to four years, but now it is more likely than not they know somebody actively playing pickleball who is encouraging everyone they know to give it a try. Why has pickleball become so popular? The answer is simple: it is easy to learn and… Read More…

Choosing An Outfit Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3

1. GO TRANSLUCENT. Summer is the perfect opportunity to throw on your favorite translucent number. You can find these pieces easily this time of year because they double as cover-ups at the beach. If yours feels too translucent, you can always throw on a light slip dress underneath. They are just as comfy and may… Read More…

Pickleball Mania on Hilton Head Island

Pickleball has been a favorite outdoor activity for years in resort communities in California, Arizona and Florida. Snowbirds and others who first learned of and started playing the game in these locales quickly became enthralled with this new sport that was aerobic, easy to learn and fun to play. It was these people who upon… Read More…

Seriously Sheepshead: A Fishing Tale off Hilton Head Island

The slight, almost imperceptible tug on the rod tip signaled the sheepshead had taken the crab in its mouth. Pulling back gently to tighten the connection, I waited for the second tap. At this point, history has taught me that it may be too late—the crab crushed and the fish gone. But there it was,… Read More…

Madeira Magic

Madeira, a delicious wine with a fascinating history, holds a special place in the traditions of Savannah, and was a centerpiece of high society. Named after the island where it is made—southwest of Portugal and 400 miles west of Morocco—Madeira’s unique taste comes from fortification (adding additional ingredients) and repeated heating of the wine. This… Read More…