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Pairing the Right Wine with Oysters

By Georgene Mortimer, Island Winery What you need to know to create the perfect pairings. Exploring oysters on the half shell has become just as adventurous as sampling wines. Thanks to advances in oyster farming and the growing popularity of raw bars, oyster tasting has advanced to the point of being akin to wine tasting…. Read More…

10 Fun Things That Happen Daily at Palmetto Dunes Golf Academy

By Doug Weaver, Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort Today, more than 40 people from ages 3 to 95 will take golf instruction at Palmetto Dunes Golf Academy. They will experience: 1. Golfers of every skill level will enjoy the exhilaration of the ball rocketing off the clubface and flying straight to the target. 2. An 80-year-old… Read More…